Milwaukee Area Youth Lacrosse Association. We coach the sport of lacrosse by teaching its history and developing the fundamental skills of the game to boys and girls of all ages.

Milwaukee Area Youth Lacrosse Association

We coach the sport of lacrosse by teaching its history and developing the fundamental skills of the game to boys and girls of all ages.

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  • Opening Day Coming to a Field Near You Soon!

    As the season opener approaches, here are a few tips!

    Keep in mind that these are not quick fixes, but by incorporating these 4 simple tips you will be able to focus on the mental aspects of the game thanks to your well-tuned body.

    Fix Your Sleep Schedule

    We talk about it all the time, but having a good night of rest will help improve your chances of performing at your current best.

    8-9 hours per night for high school athletes

    Better yet, a few nights or an entire week of adequate rest will optimally prepare your body for the spring. Make this a habit so your performance during the season is maximized!

    Drink More Water

    When you are dehydrated your performance decreases. Hydration begins the day before, not the day of the workout. Consume half of your body weight in ounces to optimize hydration.

    165 pounds = 82.5 oz of water

    Adding coconut water to your intake will provide additional nutrients and electrolytes that will ensure you stay hydrated. Although their marketing is pretty solid, be sure to avoid sugar-filled drinks and sports drinks.

    Eat Better

    Properly fueling your body for performance will maximize your tryout and on-field abilities. You do not want to try out any new foods on the day of tryouts or games as it may cause an upset stomach. You also want to avoid processed, fried and sugar dominant foods.


    Eat a balanced breakfast such as eggs, cooked to your liking, with avocado and a side of fruit or oatmeal with almond butter. Snack on a handful of mixed nuts or some fruit.


    Have a complex carbohydrate a lunch such as rice along with some lean, white meat because it digests quicker than red meat.


    Keep your snack before your workouts light. The best option would be a protein shake and a piece of fruit no closer than 60 minutes to the beginning of exercise. Immediately after the tryout, practice or game, consume a post-workout shake with a carbohydrate to protein ratio of 2:1 (40g carbohydrates, 20g protein) to speed up the recovery process.

    Wear Extra Layers

    Although spring season is starting to take form, it definitely does not feel like spring yet. Wear extra layers of clothing, sweatshirt and sweat pants, during the performance of a dynamic warm up to make sure your body temperature increases and is prepared to perform in a cold environment.

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  • 04/04/2017

    Opening Weekend!

    Our League Commissioner has been receiving numerous emails from clubs that are scheduled to play games this coming weekend on April 8 and 9. Many more

  • 02/28/2017

    Study Up: Boys' and Girls' Officials Signals

    With the 2017 Season approaching quickly, now's a great time to study up on those boys' and girls' officials signals! US Lacrosse provides great more

  • 08/30/2016

    2017 Season Dates Announced

    Earlier this summer, upon the MAYLA League Commisioner's recommendation, the MAYLA Board of Directors approved the following dates for the 2017 Season: more

  • MAYLA/PCA Partnership

    We pleased to be able to offer PCA resources to our membership.

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  • USL 2016 Girls Guidebook

    USL annual publication.

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    USL annual publication

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  • USL Gold Stick Info

    USL has worked with a select number of leagues throughout the country.

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  • WI Concussion Guidelines

    Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction Concussion guidelines and forms

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    Receive benefits that will enhance your game and connect you to lacrosse community.

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