Milwaukee Area Youth Lacrosse Association. We coach the sport of lacrosse by teaching its history and developing the fundamental skills of the game to boys and girls of all ages.

Boys Youth - Brookfield battling Ozaukee

Our Mission

Youth Lacrosse

Milwaukee Area Youth Lacrosse Association (MAYLA) is a non-profit organization we have developed to promote the growth of the sport of lacrosse in the greater Milwaukee area.

Our mission is to provide a safe, secure, and supportive environment in southeastern Wisconsin for student-athletes to enjoy and learn the game of lacrosse. We are committed to promoting, organizing, and advancing the lacrosse community by being a resource and encouraging foundation for established and new programs alike. Further growth will be cultivated by providing a positive atmosphere where emphasis is placed on a mutual respect for all individuals, teams, coaches, officials, parents, and fans.

By focusing on constructive education and personal development, participants will have the opportunity to maximize achievement through their individual and collective efforts. The development of the players' self confidence and sportsmanship will enhance their social, emotional, and intellectual growth and empower them to be productive members of their school, community, and charitable considerations. And finally, by promoting a positive culture and love for the game we will offer rewarding experiences and allow lacrosse to enrich their lives for years to come.

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